Not sure if this belongs here, but I needed to ask. What is the piece of furniture callled that Columbia and Magenta lie on in Toucha Toucha? It looks like a bed but there are arms at the front and a arm? that is at the end too...

Columbia 1973 Costume Help

At the end of this month I'm going to a rocky horror showing and need help with my costume.
I am planning on creating my look based off the original 1973 Columbia

These are my thoughts so far but I would very much appreciate any information that people could give me!

Here are links to the look:

White waistcoat or tank top? (black back)- very low-cut- sequins and hot glue
Black suspenders
Black fishnet tights
Silver ring and blue nail polish (around middle of ring)
Black hot pants and sequins/ glitter, hot glue
Black cropped leggings and needle and thread and white ribbons- chop off leggings, sew in ribbons vertically a couple inches apart
Red chunky- heeled mary jane shoes (sequins/ rhinestones?), hot glue
Bow tie (?) and sequins/ glitter
Black socks- regular length, sequins
Red sock suspenders

Hair: short red wig (trim down a longer one) and wig cap
Make-up: Clown white, sponges, setting powder- white, powder brush, face moisturizer, primer, red or black nails (?), Spirit wax and gum (?) for covering brows, Black pencil liner- draw in brows and lips, Sparkly gray eye shadow and brush, Black liquid liner, mascara, false lashes, Black lipstick, black eye shadow (set lips), Contour/Highlight/ Blusher (?)- red lipstick
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Feeling USA lingerie sale - anyone need a size 14W floorshow shoes?

Feeling USA is doing a shoe clearance sale, which includes several sizes of black patent floorshow shoes for $5 each.

This may not includ your size, but if you are the person looking for a size 14 wide, that' stealing to get it for $5.

Shipping is extra.
Use "holiday" promo code to get 10% off. If anyone's interested, they have a bunch of other stuff on sale too.

Notably, if you're broke and looking for a cheap corset:
The "Strapless Chic Corset" is available in black satin for $19.95 and looks like it would work for floorshow (I have never purchased a "Forplay Lingerie" corset so I can't vouch for the quality; original price is $70 and that price range is usually OK quality). is another strapless corset; it's got the "Hustler Rose" on it (boo) and is available in S, M and L for $19.95. "Light padding for extra pushup" might be bad news.
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Waitress/housekeeper type uniforms (Usherette)

I was very disappointed with myself when I waited too long to pick up a waitress style uniform from a website that disappeared.

Apparently the key is to think "housekeeper" instead of waitress; button-down-the-front uniform dresses can still be had. has them in light blue and white only, $25, including shipping, large sizes available for slightly more. is $39 including shipping, but they have pink (and yellow and teal and various types of apron).  I was tempted.  They also have what look like almost-Magenta dresses (white collar and cuffs on dark dress - cuffs are stated to be "grey cord" and yes, there are all sorts of weird non-Magenta details like kick pleats).  Amusing that the "uniform" look still works all these years later.

Columbia Creativity

Any creative rocky horror fans out there, do I ever have a challenge for you!
I have been thinking very hard about this and I really need someone else's opinion on this...
Does anyone have any idea where the insipiration for Columbia's costumes came from

My ideas are:
Marilyn Monroe (hourglass silhouette) and stereotypical broadway girl

Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!
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Gold and Black sequins

Does anyone know of a place to pick up the sequined fabric online?  The only site that I can find that has anything close and doesn't have a 1000 meter minimum is  The closest they come has a spring-weave or a jersey knit for the fabric and goes for $44.40/yd and $49.30/yd, respectively.  They have every color you could think of though!  I've checked out the local dance suppliers and they have been out for years. :(