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RHPS Costumes

How did you make them/find them/buy them?

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Rocky Horror Picture Show Costumes
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This is a community for discussion of RHPS costumes -- how we make them, how we made them, where to find fabric, who still makes them, how much they really cost, any ebay finds, etc.

This community is maintained by bmajors. Everyone is welcome to join, discuss, and tell your costume-making friends.

Basic Rules, because I can make these things up as I go along...
1. Post once, post twice, but three times in a row is too much. I'm bound to delete something if there's too much spamming of the community.
2. We had a good run without drama, but when drama comes, I'm going to delete the thread and ban someone. Be warned!
3. There will be more rules when I think about them, or if something happens where I have to make up another rule.

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